Monday, March 12, 2012

The Micronaut - Friedfisch

I randomly came across The Micronaut's song "Schleie" on youtube and was blown away; both by the production and the composition. I decided to grab the entire album from this unknown German producer and holyyyyyy shit. This guy is seriously talented. Not for a nobody, just in general. This single album blows away pretty much 75% of the electronic hipster bullshit being put out. Dude is on pure vibes. The entire album is comprised of influences from hip hop, dubstep, 2-step booty bidness, garage, and a pinch of house. Not to mention the absolutely wonderful assortment of acoustic instruments used in these arrangements. I can really only compare it to Mount Kimbie, and before that throws you off I'm speaking strictly in terms of diversity and the assortment of instruments used. Personally, I am hooked. No doubt you will be too. And if you didn't get the fucking message - This guy is unreal. Every tune. Every click. Every boop.
Download his free EP, (which I have yet to listen to but I'm sure it'll be no slouch) "DIE Gewurz", here.
And the album I have fallen in love with, "Friedfisch" here in 320. And here in FLAC. If anybody deserves your money for their good music it's this guy. Please buy this album if you enjoy as much as I did, or just spread the links because people need to hear this dude. Digital here. 12" here (may have to search for it because the site isn't stellar).

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