Friday, December 25, 2009


Wake the fuck up. If you haven't realized, Dubstep has seen a huge rise in popularity in 2009. We'll see how long it sticks around in 2010. Feel free to argue with me on this, but I would confidently say that Rusko's Cockney Thug is the definitive dubstep anthem.

Cockney Thug - Rusko


I realized I was being slightly myopic in my search for the best of 2009. The extent of my search didn't really go past about September. It had a tough time recalling the big tracks from 6 months ago. Trying to think back this song stuck in my head. Animal by Miike Snow, it was a massive track and it generated an onslaught of really good remixes.

Animal - Miike Snow

Cause its christmas:

Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix) - Miike Snow My fave.
Animal (Fake Blood Remix) - Miike Snow


2008 was the year of Mars and Fake Blood's debut. In keeping fasion, 2009 was another year of fresh sounds from Fake Blood. His new EP Fix Your Accent long awaited and definitely didn't disappoint.

I Think I Like It - Fake Blood


"Into the dark and outta the sun." Big ups to Luca for doing his own vocals. This was personally one of my favourite tracks of the year.

Devil's Eyes (Luca's B-Live Club Mix) - Drop The Lime


Happy Christmas to all!

Waves - Boys Noize & Erol Alkan

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Stream: I'm a Beast - Black Holes

Download: I'm a Beast - Black Holes


Baltic Pine (Original Mix) - Boy 8 Bit


This song was big, no doubt about it. Kicking off the list at number eleven:

Riverside (Original Mix) - Sidney Samson


Little Xmas gift from FeliX Cartal, it's his edit of Xzibit's 'X'.

Merry Christmas, thank Felix for the track though. Check him out on NEW YEARS EVE AT WRONGBAR. He's playing with CONGOROCK, it should be a good time.

X (Felix Cartal Edit) - Xzibit

And some Congorock just cause.

Bite Your Lip (Congorock Remix) - Blatta & Inesha

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Guido rocks some bitch, peep.

So Sincere - Sharkslayer


Half way through chronukah, time for some tracks.

Dope remix by fukkk offf.

Drama (Fukkk Offf Remix) - SCNDL

He's in Edmonton February 5th so check that out.


Just found this today, thanks Renaissance Man.

Lazer (Renaissance Man Boot) - Tony Santos

Diplo and Jayou team up to drop a dubbbbby remix of The Partysquad's Murderer.

Murderer (Diplo & Jayou Remix) - The Partysquad

This one is kinda weird. Its all sitars, singing gals and mad white noise hits. The world has discovered sitars.

Trail of Nomad's (Alex Kenji Remix) - Desert Dwellers


Get it.
Vocal Chords - Claude Von Stroke

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One does not simply walk through the MOAR Door

But I'm feeling generous today, and I haven't posted since thursday so here ya go.

I heard this Song the Zombie Disco Squad 'Banana Mix' and needed it! I searched high and low, unfortunately I couldn't find it in 320. Meh. 192 will do for now.

And Beat - Fabio Gianelli

"Check your thinking at the door, now the matters on the floor." Yes sah! Big tune here, Malente Wins. Go find all that you can by him. Now.

Sweat (Malente Remix) - Wrongkong


Get your Tittsworth!

Ghost Girl (Tittsworth Remix) - Telepopmusik

But Now All I See Are Lies

Ivana Dantztil Don! Glad to hear from heartsrevolution, nice to see they're alive n' kickin. New track was on Kitsune 8, which, as i said before, is growing on me.

Lemme know if you want a 320...this one isn't.
Dance Till Dawn - Heartsrevolution

Jesse Fucking Rose

Jesse Rose has got to be my favourite producer at the moment. His album 'What Do You Do If You Don't' is a nice piece o' work. With back ups from Hot Chip and David E. Sugar, the albums got swagga in all directions. I'd definitely recommend picking up this album.

Check out Day is done Feat Hot Chip for a glitchy ambient change.

Day is Done Feat. Hot Chip - Jesse Rose

Jazzy. That is all.
Night at The Dogs - Jesse Rose


Jesse Rose's 'Well Now' EP was pretty good, mind you I didn't much like the Savage Skulls remix. So here's LaTourette's take on Well Now, its my humble opinion.

Well Now (LaTourette Remix) - Jesse Rose

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


How'd ya like them apples?

Got the Goods

Ahhh, such a nice feeling to be done my silly english final. So now I can focus on real math BAH. Anyway todays tracks are just all over the place, from polar bears to vocals in foreign tongues to ocarina solos.

POLAR BEARS, yes thats what. Its a song off Kitsune 6 that you may have passed on but i think its GOLD. With the recent dump of snow and the -25 weather I too am wishing i was a polar bear.

I Wish I Was a Polar Bear (Artic Urgency Edit) - Ted & Francis

The next two tracks are out of a Renaissance Man mix, I can't remember which one at the moment. So the songs...they're fun, people scream, yell totally incomprehensible stuff. Oh did i mention theres a pretty sweet ocarina solo at the beginning of Bollyhouse. Yee! watch for it, its hard to miss.

Bollyhouse - Minimow

This song is good because it has: tribal drums and a fantastic breakdown build piano crazy vocals thing. Whatever, go listen.

Joga Bola - Solo


My favourite track off Kitsune 8...

Something Golden - Le Corps Mince de Francoise

Something Golden (Renaissance Man Remix) - Le Corps Mince de Francoise

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sound Pellegrino

Maybe I'm just a little slow on things or just a little ignorant, either way i have passed on Sound Pellegrino for far too long. So many fantastic artists on this label and a truckload of solid releases this year. As if they're not already a driving force, 2010 will surely belong to them.

Ya know, the thing about Harvard Bass tracks is you really gotta hear em in the club. On a laptop or computer speakers they might sound a little flat and boring, but trust me, the low end on these things is right phat ya know? So take a listen, tell the DJ at the club to play some Harvard Bass.

Heres a big remix from harvard bass of a track by Nouveau Yorican. Nouveau Yorican is made up of Laidback Luke and Gina Turner.

Boriqua (Harvard Bass Remix) - Nouveau Yorican

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Crack!

Two tracks to start off December on a filthy foot. I've always really liked both Steed Lord and Sinden but I find their tracks to be a little hit or miss. These two i can happily say are hits, infused with heavy rolling bass. The sinden track has those rave sirens that are beginning to pop up everywhere (and no i'm not complaining).

First one will definitely move the floor and all of those who are lucky enough to be on it.

Elephant 1234 - The Count and Sinden

Second track is pretty dark with a nice ominous orchestral intro, and then straight down to business. This track rages pretty hard.

New Crack City - Steed Lord