Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wtf is 'Jungle'?

I dunno either. I think it sounded like this with less claps. Dream Continuum is Machinedrum and Om Unit, both known for reworking classics like these. In terms of their "Reworkz EP", justice is done in my unappreciated opinion. Buy it..

Monday, March 12, 2012

Call the AMBALANCE..

If you're unfamiliar with Toronto's own XI, then get to know. His new collaborative project (with lesser known Toronto producer Skeleton Bone), AMBALANCE, is a lot slower than what you would normally hear from him; and shows off a side of XI that I've been waiting to hear. Artists that have been doing it for a while seem to branch off and be able to make mature, creative music, all whilst putting their undeniable stamp on it. This is demonstrated very clearly on their new EP, "Cokewave", and it's nice to know there is an artist out there to make Christian Andersen produce slow, soupy, sidechained headbobbers. He's back in the western world to tour with Zed's Dead, and while I think everybody knows it's good for him to be in Berlin, I also think it's nice that he's home. Big fan of his personally, and this side project is definitely up to par.
Download for free !

The Micronaut - Friedfisch

I randomly came across The Micronaut's song "Schleie" on youtube and was blown away; both by the production and the composition. I decided to grab the entire album from this unknown German producer and holyyyyyy shit. This guy is seriously talented. Not for a nobody, just in general. This single album blows away pretty much 75% of the electronic hipster bullshit being put out. Dude is on pure vibes. The entire album is comprised of influences from hip hop, dubstep, 2-step booty bidness, garage, and a pinch of house. Not to mention the absolutely wonderful assortment of acoustic instruments used in these arrangements. I can really only compare it to Mount Kimbie, and before that throws you off I'm speaking strictly in terms of diversity and the assortment of instruments used. Personally, I am hooked. No doubt you will be too. And if you didn't get the fucking message - This guy is unreal. Every tune. Every click. Every boop.
Download his free EP, (which I have yet to listen to but I'm sure it'll be no slouch) "DIE Gewurz", here.
And the album I have fallen in love with, "Friedfisch" here in 320. And here in FLAC. If anybody deserves your money for their good music it's this guy. Please buy this album if you enjoy as much as I did, or just spread the links because people need to hear this dude. Digital here. 12" here (may have to search for it because the site isn't stellar).

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Fuck you if you don't understand how good he is. Composition, creativity, production, DJing, fashion, and whatever else. A word I very rarely use to describe musicians is "impressive". Guys like Travis Stewart are impressive. There's more there than your average (or not-so-average) producer, and I guess what it comes down to is he just seems too good. There's no filler, there's no bullshit. One of the things that makes him so interesting is the fact that the music he makes and the music he spins are two completely different stories. This cat just released two very good EPs in two months, and two hour long mixes in two weeks. My background is in jungle, a dead genre, and I would be in denial if I said I didn't have an extra love for him simply because he loves to spin it. A lot of these post-shitstep DJs are very ambitious with their track selections, and although James Blake is getting very good at it, I have yet to hear anybody mix tunes of this nature as tightly as Machinedrum. Lately I've come to realize that I like him so much because his percussion and bass production is simply outstanding, and it's clearly because jungle still has such an influence on what I'm attracted to. That was before I listened to this set of 160bpm badness for Mixmag. If you actually know how to spin, and appreciate others who can as well, then do yourself a favour and just put this on.

Listen/download another speedy hour long set from the Solid Steel Radio Show here !
And to further expose my so obvious boner for this dude, check out my set, PotsnPans, featuring two tunes from the (second) newest EP !

Sunday, March 4, 2012

                                                                                                                                 the rabit 

           This batch ain't for you fuckin bitches. the rabit gets physical with a wicked blend of gully vocals and some gehttotech percussion guaranteed to make you junkies twitch.