Friday, February 24, 2012

Flosstradamus Release Free EP..

Or "FreeP" if you're a prick. Like I said in my last post about these dudes, I never paid attention when I was younger, but whatever they are doing now seems to be working for me. This shit is like having Lunice in one ear and trance in the other; with huge screaming synth chords, builds, and samples, but with gangster trap percussion and basslines. Somehow this works, and it works extremely well. Before I say too much, just download this. 
This was Hoax's find, not mine. I'm just reporting like a good hipster badbwoy would.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Treats from Skream..

Word on the street three years ago is that Skream runs the dubstep show. All jokes aside, we love him (and Benga) here in Toronto and they seem to like us back; always offering a great show, great music, and lots of dubplates :). Skream recently remixed Rusko's new tune "Somebody To Love", from his forthcoming sophomore LP "Songs". One of my downfalls is often when I find a remix, I give almost zero fucks about giving the original a listen just to see how much of a remix or bite it is. That being said, it's also comforting because if I'm feeling this then there is no reason for comparison. My thoughts on this one are a tad scrambled, but my ass is telling me undoubtedly to dance, so fuck what ya heard and grab this. Available as a free wav download from soundcloud(60mb~), or I've uploaded a 320 for ya here.

◯ ◯ ◯

◣◥△▽△▽△▽△▽New. Mix. △▽△▽△▽△▽◣◥

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Different When You're Gone..

Lapalux is killing it as always. His new EP has a lot of light and dark tones, definitely switches it up a bit. If you're into hip hop/R&B influenced electronic music (Shlohmo, Evian Christ) then "When You're Gone" is a big recommendation, will definitely get a lot of plays. I've uploaded a zip with the first half of the album, buy this if you dig it. Well worth it. The track below, "Gutter Glitter", is the star out of the bunch for me, and by good chance it is actually available as a free20 download from Pitchfork. A big thing for me when it comes to artists is consistency, and I am seeing it more and more with guys like this. They just keep it real and don't stick to any set boundaries. Sounds lame, is lame. Get the music! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Keep6on - Alby Daniels

Alby Daniels is a very little name, doing very big things. Holding down 26 followers on Twitter, this 22 year old is producing like a veteran. With influences like Shy FX, Flying Lotus, and Skream, it's almost redundant to explain how soulful, melodic, and percussion heavy his music is. From North Londontown (where else?), he has a forthcoming release on Black Acre, "This Dawn EP", which includes the first tune that got me hooked. It's the second tune in the mini-mix preview of his EP below, 128 here. The syncopated, farty RnB basslines, and infectious garage percussion show off this kid's well-rounded talents as a producer. The mood changes in the melodies and vocal are brilliant. Seriously a kid to keep your eye on and support!

And his Kiss FM Guest Mix for Sinden from earlier this month. Highly recommended! Listen here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Burial's Kindred EP was just released for sale by Hyperdub Records. Burial is hands down my favourite producer. That being said, this release is fucking stunning. The production is unreal and the moodiness is extremely on point as always. I can't believe how good this is after the Street Halo release; which was good, but Untrue is a whole lot to live up to. The title track is easily a garage tune, as we've heard from Burial before, but much heavier. The second, Loner, is pushing the boundaries of his touch on 4/4 percussion. It is a straight 2-step/4 on the floor house tune. The ending of it is the genius though; a brilliant outro that commands you to slip into it. And the last tune you can think of your own bloggy description. Get this. Buy This. Seriously, buy this ish. (Stream where you buy it).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012


New mix from myself. Stays mostly <128 with some gritty shit but all of it fun to dance to. Give it a listen, and share it if you like! Bigup. 

Kevin McPhee and Gerry Read - Demolition Man
Blawan - Peaches (Freestone)
Deepchild - The Suffering Ones (XI Remix)
Jacques Greene - Holdin' On
Machinedrum - No Respect
Machinedrum - Carry The Weight (Bok Bok Remix)
Blacktoys - Glock
Zoltan - Pluton
Lianne La Havas - Forget (Shlohmo Remix)