Monday, March 12, 2012

Call the AMBALANCE..

If you're unfamiliar with Toronto's own XI, then get to know. His new collaborative project (with lesser known Toronto producer Skeleton Bone), AMBALANCE, is a lot slower than what you would normally hear from him; and shows off a side of XI that I've been waiting to hear. Artists that have been doing it for a while seem to branch off and be able to make mature, creative music, all whilst putting their undeniable stamp on it. This is demonstrated very clearly on their new EP, "Cokewave", and it's nice to know there is an artist out there to make Christian Andersen produce slow, soupy, sidechained headbobbers. He's back in the western world to tour with Zed's Dead, and while I think everybody knows it's good for him to be in Berlin, I also think it's nice that he's home. Big fan of his personally, and this side project is definitely up to par.
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