Sunday, February 12, 2012


Burial's Kindred EP was just released for sale by Hyperdub Records. Burial is hands down my favourite producer. That being said, this release is fucking stunning. The production is unreal and the moodiness is extremely on point as always. I can't believe how good this is after the Street Halo release; which was good, but Untrue is a whole lot to live up to. The title track is easily a garage tune, as we've heard from Burial before, but much heavier. The second, Loner, is pushing the boundaries of his touch on 4/4 percussion. It is a straight 2-step/4 on the floor house tune. The ending of it is the genius though; a brilliant outro that commands you to slip into it. And the last tune you can think of your own bloggy description. Get this. Buy This. Seriously, buy this ish. (Stream where you buy it).

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