Friday, February 17, 2012

Treats from Skream..

Word on the street three years ago is that Skream runs the dubstep show. All jokes aside, we love him (and Benga) here in Toronto and they seem to like us back; always offering a great show, great music, and lots of dubplates :). Skream recently remixed Rusko's new tune "Somebody To Love", from his forthcoming sophomore LP "Songs". One of my downfalls is often when I find a remix, I give almost zero fucks about giving the original a listen just to see how much of a remix or bite it is. That being said, it's also comforting because if I'm feeling this then there is no reason for comparison. My thoughts on this one are a tad scrambled, but my ass is telling me undoubtedly to dance, so fuck what ya heard and grab this. Available as a free wav download from soundcloud(60mb~), or I've uploaded a 320 for ya here.

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