Thursday, January 19, 2012


Even if you’re not a techno aficionado, chances are you’ve come across TWR72. An eclectic producing duo from Holland, these two have been making a lot of noise in the dance community as of late. Starting off as a DJ act, TWR72 (The Walk and Rogerseventytwo) have come together as a highly praised package of well-produced party starters, and are becoming big names in their own right.

First described as “artists to look out for” by Erol Alkan, back in 2008, they have since received airtime by many noteworthy artists; these include the boys over at Sound Pellegrino, Laidback Luke, Bart B More and Brodinski.

Labeled ‘future techno’ by some and ‘awesome’ by others, the guys are able to produce a variety of dance floor fillers. Their remix of Alex Metric & Charli XCX’s ‘End Of The World’ leans closer towards a big room house template; While their remix of Bart B More & TAI’s ‘Cross It’ stays truer to their techno sound. The latter being a much-appreciated improvement on the original track, particularly after the second drop.

Their original work is something to behold in itself. With booming bass, one-note synth work, and some very clean builds, you will not be able to stop yourself from moving to their impressive techno sound. After listening to a song or two it will become quite clear why there has been so much hype surrounding them. Last august's Paradox EP was no exception. The title track, which is built around a wordless female vocal, turned out to be a rather eccentric and extremely infectious tune. In fact, the song was such a hit that it even found it's way into Brodinski's mix for the FabricLive 60 cd release.

Be sure to take a listen and support the guys through any of your favourite spots to purchase music.

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