Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tell Me If Its Real

Ayoooo long time no bloggggerrcising, my most gracious apologies to all my avid readers (HA, i don't think i have any). I today has some stuff for you. Dissssssss Buraka Som Sistema, not sure if I like the original or the Bashmore remix more. Do yourself a favor and grab both. Julio Bashmore is a lil more techy and the original is more electro ish ish ish.

Restless - Buraka Som Sistema

Restless (Julio Bashmore Remix) - Buraka Som Sistema

And cuz I fucken love you. Heres a Fedde Le Grand track i found on ummm someones beatport chart, I don't usually listen to anything from him but this one, is nice. I might stop being so myopic in my music tasting.

Back & Forth Feat Mr. V (Fedde's Future Remix) - Fedde Le Grand

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