Monday, May 10, 2010

Sound boy you know we run tings

So much dutch. I've been sitting on these for some time, and today I was making cereal with them blaring and I felt that I should share them. So heres summmore dutch haus fer yer ears.

First up is an Alvaro remix of a song off his old EP. Its pretty bouncy like duhh and I am about 98.7% sure it samples a vocal from Ayia Napa Theme (Ruff Da Menace Remix) by VIP Crew...or samples the same thing that song samples.

Velocidad (Alvaro Remix) - Rishi Romero

This ones off his new EP and I fucken love it... The low rumbling ominous bass adds a nice depth to the ubiquitous and almost played kick riddim and high siren sound.

Highly - Rishi Romero

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