Sunday, May 2, 2010


Nurse at Sexual Health Clinic - m4w - 20 (Bay & College)
Date: 2010-05-02, 4:48AM EDT
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Dear adorable bubbly nurse at sexual health clinic. You were the cutest thing I have ever seen, a living incarnation of Marilyn Monroe. I was the traveller guy in the band, your last patient of the day and if you'll remember, I didn't have an STI so it's totally fine to go out with me! Please respond with your name if you remember who I am and if someone else hasn't snatched you up first ( I am sure they have, but I have to try just in case)

Today I'm actually gonna write something about the stuff I'm posting. This kid, Sandro Silva is 17 years old, holy shit eh. And the stuff he's putting out is unreal, he's been supported by everyone from Fake Blood to Bart B More and his stuff has been remixed by Laidback Luke...needless to say keep an eye on this kid because he's doing big things.
Make It Funky (Sandro Silva Remix) - Alvaro

Lucky Men - Sandro Silva

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