Monday, April 12, 2010

Camel Hair

Napoleon - m4m (Spadina Streetcar)
Date: 2010-04-12, 10:17PM EDT
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Your camel-hair coat and your pleated, tailored pants hang straight off your frame except for five perfect folds around your third button that look ironed into place. You sit so still in the streetcar seat, one hand tucked into your coat like Napoleon. Your shiny black shoes are without a scuff, and one of the coal-coloured things is draped over the opposite knee artfully. You look as though Michael-Angelo carved a sculpture of a man writing the Times crossword. Only your right hand is moving, quickly, dexterously; the rest, still, posed, poised.

And umm

More I Get - Gramophonedzie
V Got Hacked - Gramophonedzie

Note: Rispekk to Miyuru over at Easy Love for helping me scrounge these tracks up, namely V Got Hacked. Anyway, support these guys, help keep em doin what they're doin, cuz i like it, and you should too.

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  1. Nobody is going to support anyone if you keep giving away free tunes you NIGGERCOON.
    (K)bb ;)